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Why Us?

Ease of Use, Speed to Market, Innovation...

When we ask our clients Why Us, we always get a great list of responses. But one of our newest and largest clients (and one of Real Estate’s Top 5 Companies) simply provided this Top 10 list:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Speed to Market
  3. Luxury Design
  4. SEO
  5. Innovation
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Integration
  8. Security and ADA
  9. Value
  10. Partnership

What Real Estate Operators are Looking for Today

As we interview new and prospective clients from across every Prop-Tech platform out there, they share similar challenges. Here are a few key areas we hear about consistently:

  • "We need a better solution to take a much larger slice of the online real estate pie in our area."
  • "Our agents are not as engaged with our CRM and marketing tools as they should be. How can we make this easier for them?"
  • "Our traffic is down. How can we improve our SEO and drive more consumers to our websites?"
  • "Leads are down and the quality is worse than ever. What can we do to improve our lead capture and close rates?"
  • "Bottom line, we need technologies that simply help us LIST and SELL MORE HOMES."

Capturing a Bigger Slice of the Pie

Whether the markets are up or down there is always real estate being transacted, and your business is sharing that with your competitors. We are here to help you take a bigger slice of that online real estate pie. With a proprietary combination of SEO automation, Insights marketing, and lead capture technologies, we make your brand front of mind with a larger, targeted audience of buyers, sellers, agents and teams.

Put simply, our job is to make your technology investments work for you 24/7. To increase your market share and drive more closings than any other single marketing system in the industry.

Agent Engagement with today’s Prop-Tech is easier than you think.

We are here to help your business GROW with technology. Your SEO, traffic, leads, referrals, sales, recruiting, your Company. With a new generation of consumer and agent-centric technologies that are simply - EASY to USE.

From beautiful websites that make your company and agents look like Rockstars, to exclusive built-in SEO and Traffic accelerators, to automated data farming and prospecting tools that make it so EASY to touch 100% of your CRM database, many times a month. A first of its kind Website and CRM marketing platform that’s working for you every day, not the other way around!

Supercharge your website traffic with targeted SEO.

SEO = TRAFFIC and our approach to SEO is unlike anything in real estate. One where we ‘automatically’ promote your brand in every neighborhood, community, city, sub-division, property-type, and throughout 100% of your CRM databases. We call this hyperlocal targeting.

A unique SEO marketing platform that instantly launches thousands of beautiful neighborhood and listing presentation pages with millions of consumer touch points.

The results, more Page 1 Google and Bing search results for your Brand. A marketing system that can deliver up to 70% of all website traffic. Providing consumers with timely information when they need it, while driving more leads, more listings, and more sales to you.

We make growing your business online EASY!

GROW with more LEADS, more REFERRALS, more SALES!

It’s a numbers game. Better SEO = more TRAFFIC = more LEADS. Likewise, a good CRM prospector is a goldmine, generating more REFERRALS.

Imagine combining all these efforts into one sales marketing engine. Instantly launching thousands of SEO-rich content pages that Search Engines love to crawl, while simultaneously farming 100% of your business’ CRM databases with messaging that your customers love to see. Easy to Setup, Easy to Use. The only mass marketing platform you will need.

Contact us today to learn more about this exclusive, game-changing sales generator!

Bottom line, it’s 100% about Listing and Selling More Homes

Because everything else flows from this point. Agent and consumer engagement, satisfaction, recruiting, retention, growth of your bottom line.

With more than 30 years of real estate sales experience, we start every project with a mindful eye on this simple equation. Will this product or feature ultimately make it easier for you to List and Sell more homes? When we succeed in this together, everything else is easy!

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