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A Property-centric Search Experience

A Property-centric Search Experience that makes it easier than ever for your customers to find their favorite community, neighborhood, their next home. Where every property has a permanent presentation webpage and SEO URL with your brand, forever.


Hyperlocal Search is more than simply a name, this is your Search Experience, built around every Property, Neighborhood and Community in your local markets.

Traditional search platforms typically focus on MLS inventories that are listing-centric, with short lived URL’s that change as properties come and go.

Property-centric changes everything from the first time any home, neighborhood or community is introduced into your company’s Search eco-system. From that point forward, there will be ONE exclusive URL assigned to follow that property or area, forever. Eliminating duplicate properties across Residential, Land, Multi-family, Commercial and Rentals. Allowing consumers to quicky access any property and its history from ONE location.

ONE crawlable URL to boost SEO for every property, neighborhood, and community. All exclusively powered by your Brand!

Pushing the boundaries
of real estate search...


Tailor your Search Experience to your market with customizable search fields, search filters, unique property websites, SEO neighborhood / community pages, SEO search pages, SEO site maps, SEO property-centric URL’s, distinctive gallery, and gallery + map view results, exclusive Luxury Search designs, builder / new construction systems, and more. Think of this as your brands exclusive search portal.


With ongoing consumer AB testing and client feedback, there are continual UX enhancements, new data elements, expanded preferred partners, and so much more. We have a dedicated team of experienced Search professionals whose job is to continually research and push the boundaries of real estate search, for years ahead.


Real estate is local, personal. Our team of UX experts have created a more immersive real estate experience that is all about the local market. With unique listing webpages and property websites supported by exclusive long-life URL’s, integrated hyperlocal neighborhood and community reports, to a location-centric search that instantly adapts to any device. All strategically wrapped around your brand, your agents, your teams, and your preferred partners, to create an adaptive user experience unlike anything else in real estate.

  • Listing Detail Page
  • Listing Detail Page

Listing Detail Page


We provide a normalized, de-duplicated data architecture using RESO standards as the backbone while preserving the great MLS data reliability that Reliance Network is renowned for. With near real-time updates from hundreds of MLS’s 24/7, we offer one of the fastest MLS update platforms in the industry.


When we set out to build a true next-gen search platform, yesterday’s technologies were simply not an option. This is an all-new, cutting-edge Search experience, blurring the lines between mobile apps and websites. Hyperlocal Search instantly detects screen types and sizes, allowing us to dynamically display features, graphics, videos, and design formats like never before. While providing a proprietary SEO architecture that has been carefully optimized for every Listing, Tax Record, Search Result, Property Type, Neighborhood and Community.


  • Customizable to your Market  
  • Portal-performance MLS SEARCH and class-leading Mobile / Tablet / Desktop UX 
  • PROPERTY-CENTRIC SEARCH architecture with Forever URL’s 
  • PROPERTY-CENTRIC Tax Data enhancements (optional)
  • SEO crawl-path for LISTINGS optimized for Google, Bing and more 
  • SEO crawl-path for SEARCH RESULTS optimized for Google, Bing and more 
  • SEO crawl-path for PROPERTY WEBSITES optimized for Google, Bing and more 
  • SEO crawl-path for COMMUNITY WEBPAGES optimized for Google, Bing and more 
  • SEO crawl-path for LISTING GALLERIES optimized for Google, Bing and more 
  • Independent LUXURY Search Experience Available 
  • RESO Standardization with normalized data across 1000+ possible fields 
  • De-duplicated properties 
  • Extended quick and keyword search 
  • Unique listing display presentations and listing websites
  • Partner advertising (Mortgage, Title, Insurance)
  • API data driven offers development and design flexibility 
  • Advanced Search capabilities for agent use 
  • Built to maximize CDN performance for fast local delivery of property data and images 
  • Constructed with the latest software architecture and data technologies 
  • MLS and Brand compliance built-in 
  • ADA and Section 508 - WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility support 
  • Built-in A/B testing 
  • Mobile Responsive Search with Google Maps 
  • Map, Gallery, and Combined Search UX        
  • Address, MLS#, City, Zip, Neighborhood, School District and Attendance Search
  • Open House Search        
  • Rental Search     
  • Commercial Search 
  • Satellite View      
  • Range Options   
  • Map Boundary Overlays  
  • INRIX Drive Time 3-point Search (optional) 
  • Walk score (optional)
  • AVM integration with Collateral Analytics and Percy / Buyside (optional)   
  • Integrated Market Stats              
  • Mortgage Calculator       
  • Community Demographics          
  • Listing Price and Status History   
  • MLS Data - On and Off Market   
  • Regional Tax Data for Total SEO Coverage (optional)